Ronald Walker
Ronald Walker, the author of this memoir, pictured in retirement

The British in Weiz, Austria, 1945-1949

An Insight into the Military Administration of Town & Region by the Occupation Forces

By Ronald George Walker

The author was amongst the first soldiers of the British Occupation Army to enter Weiz after the end of the 1939 – 45 war in Europe; and seven years later he became the last Englishman to leave the township in 1952. In the following pages, Mr Walker avails himself of the opportunity, 40 years after and at the request of the Burgermeister & Councillors of Weiz, East Styria, to recount his life and time as Head of the Weiz Security Headquarters during the latter half of the military occupation, as well as the events of the very early days. He has dedicated these memoirs to his Weiz friends and the Town Records with the hope that the period immediately following the war will not be forgotten. As aide-memoire, Mr Walker has drawn on his own notes of the time, entries in the war diaries of his military unit and the many photographs and letters he sent his parents in England from Weiz over this long period.

1. Operation Styria

2. Liberators

3. Life in Weiz

4. Hunting down Nazis

5. A Marriage and a Death

6. A Sequel

7. Postscript

8. Biographical

9. From the author’s daughter

10. The full text